Generating Dart API Clients with Swagger Codegen

If you have an API documented in Swagger format, there's good news: communicating with it in Dart just got a lot easier. The swagger-codegen project, which generates API client libraries for a variety of languages, now has Dart support.

Farewell Dart VM, We Hardly Knew Ye

Today the hopes of ever seeing the Dart VM in Chrome finally died.

Get the Most Out of dart2js with a Little Trust

If you've ever looked at the JavaScript that dart2js outputs, you know there's a lot of extra type checking and other unnecessary code. But did you know that you could remove a lot of that extra code with the right dart2js flags?

What AtScript Means for Dart

Recently the Angular team announced AtScript, a new language that will compile down to JavaScript. AtScript aims to add features that will make large-scale application development easier.

Smoke and Mirrors

If you've ever stared at a 3MB Javascript file generated by dart2js, you know the frustration that dart:mirrors can cause. After the hundredth time I found myself typing a @MirrorsUsed annotation to bring the code down to size, I wondered if there was a better way. As it turns out, there is: it's called Smoke.